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Sri Lanka:Towards a Brighter Future...?

Recent Political Crisis in Sri Lanka has again raised the concerns of the foreign investors and business community on the future of the country and the risk factors associated with their business activities. Soon after the war ended the foreign investors gained fresh confident regarding the future of the Sri Lankan economy, and with the on going political struggle the confidence again seems to be downsizing.

The General Election and The Constitutional Change...!

Sri Lanka government has stepped into the upcoming general election, eyeing at winning two third majority seats in parliament, which will support the government to implement a new constitution. The political arena is witnessing unprecedently a large number of sports stars and cinema actors contesting in the up coming election.

It is unlikely to expect the split opposition will find a way to defeat the government which seems to be in a strong position. Therefore, besides the regime change, the present observation reveals that the government will win in the election with an over whelming majority, probably will implement a new constitution.

Face Book to Be Banned...?

Telecommunication sector in Sri Lanka has shown tremendous growth in recent years. Despite the fact that Sri Lanka has high literacy rate, most of the population has not got access to Internet until recently. However, there is a recent growth in Internet usage along with the infrastructure development.

France: Will Niqab Be Banned?

One of the burning issues in France is the proposed law that supposed to ban women from wearing niqab (Face veils) in public places. The law bans all kind of religious identity from disclosing in public places , regardless of religious background, especially face veil, some muslim and some other religious women are wearing.

The proposed law claims that such kind of 'religious symbols' are contradicting with the country's century old secular tradition. It is expected to be discussed in parliment soon after the regional government elections in march.

Madol Duwa (මඩෝල් දුව)- A Sinhalese Kids Novel

Madol Duwa is one of the great novels I have ever read. Though a kids novel by nature, it is appropriate for any one to have a great time by reading it. Written by all time celebrated novelist Martin Wickramasinghe, it is one of the nonequivalent adventure novels published in Sri Lanka.

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